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Digital Bookkeeping

How to optimise your administrative processes

Innovation in Bookkeeping!

  • You simply send us all of your relevant receipts promptly by fax or scan.
  • You keep your receipts on-premises and file these immediately according to your needs.
  • You no longer have to transport receipts and documents (i.e. you save time and travel expenses).
  • We book your digitalised receipts.
  • Thus, we offer you the basis for quick and prompt evaluations for your business.
  • We provide you with cash ledgers, invoice entry and output books online upon request.
  • You have direct access to your digital receipts, including evaluations.
Your key advantages:


  • More up-to-date bookkeeping due to prompt document processing
  • Quickly check receipts
  • Daily backup of your data and archiving in the data centre
  • Current evaluations for corporate management
  • Electronically searchable document archive


  • No further inquiries about receipt information is necessary
  • Storage according to your needs
  • No receipt transportation
  • No clip folders